Oh, Hell! Drag Me to the Multiplex

l_5ae4093cae5b942a42ce6f8b0db402dcEverybody PG-13 tonight!

Big (short) week in McBeardoland capped by moving my work desk from one room in the office to another. Because that matters. To you.

Along the way, an online superstar consulted with me for ideas concerning a Major Top 100 List in the works, and I watched the eerily atmospheric, sexy, and jolting short Spek.Ter, directed by Terrence Kelsey and featuring the luminous Serena Toxicat (that would be the ‘Cat getting made up at left, and flipping el birdo opposite supremely pinchable-nippled co-star Keshia Jackson, below. In each, Serena rocks my all-time fave hairdo-dye color combo: pink and black).

List to be revealed soon. Spek.Ter review goes up tomorrow.

Tonight, it’s off to Drag Me to Hell which, unfortunately, is not playing at my local drive-in, The Cascade.

As I see it (and I see all), director Sam Raimi has made exactly one horror movie (the first Evil Dead) and there’s that PG-13 stinking up any rational expectations, but then I watch that fly crawl up Alison Lohman’s nose on the commercial and I actually gag for a second. Every time.l_00f6dac6454e204bf097d29b25ed0922

I’ll McBloviate on that one tomorrow, too. And all from my new desk! Wheee!

Until then:

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Comments ( 4 )

i had low expectation, and still they were not met. i didn’t jump once, and mostly was bored out of my skull.

ben reiser said at May 29 09 at 6:25 pm

I’m willing to give Raimi the benefit of the doubt (EVIL DEAD is one of my favorite movies ever!) but I have a general boycott against PG-13 horror movies so I’m waiting for your review. Judging from Ben’s opinion, I’m lowering my expectations by the second.

John B said at May 29 09 at 7:32 pm

I’d hate for us to be enemies, so I’ll try one small defense of DRAG ME TO HELL…which is to note that an audience laughing at a horror film doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a horror comedy. While I was enjoying watching the film, I was also thinking that it’s going to be difficult for a real horror fan to see the movie without being surrounded by smirking young (and middle-aged) dolts ruining the experience. As much as I enjoyed this year’s 3-D take on MY BLOODY VALENTINE, it also occurred to me that I might have found that film to be more dark and disturbing if I’d seen it in the relative isolation of a car at the drive-in.

J.R. Taylor said at May 31 09 at 7:32 pm

Yet again - and retroactively - you rock.

Serena Toxicat said at Jun 02 09 at 9:48 pm

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