Review: Spek.Ter (2007)

deadmorganaspektercopy1Spek.Ter (2007)
Director & Screenplay:
Terrence Kelsey
Cast: Keshia Jackson, Serena Toxicat

Spek.Ter? Damn Near Killer Her!

Writer-director Terrence Kelsey’s short film Spek.Ter (2007) packs all manner of
wallops into its 14 stylish minutes.

It’s a powerful demonstration of the abilities of this up-and-coming horror filmmaker in collaboration with his multi-talented cast and crew, all of whom have come together to create a quarter-hour that is, at once, creepy, freaky, and sexy.

spekterRaven-maned ravisher Keshia Jackson stars as fetish model Dani. She is a tattooed Suicide-Girl-type whose doe eyes and beestung lips might bring Katy Perry to mind, resemblance-wise, and whose thick, dark nips that will have you scuffing up your screen as you attempt to pinch them through the glass.

As Spek.Ter jolts open, we hear Dani scream, then see her splayed out nude in a bloody bath as she peruses the classic Feral House volume, Death Scenes.

Dani is a fan of (real-life) shock rockers The Dwarves and (made-up) Goth songbird Morgana Saint, who is potently embodied by the bewitchingly luminous Serena Toxicat aka Thora Zine Suicide (and I write this not only because she sports my favorite non-natural hairdo color combo: pink and black). morgana

A news report states that Morgana Saint has been murdered and, from there, Dani succumbs to supernatural doings that seem to be emanating from her dead idol.

Flesh and blood abounds (as does delicious pubic hair) in this chilling and erotic spin on a plot that combines the lyrical implications of The Carpenters“Superstar” with Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”

I told you there’s a lot crammed in these 14 minutes, all of it well executed and well worth watching.

My only criticism of the entire endeavor is that Spek.Ter does not have an official web site nor any other serious presence online.

And while musician and model Serena Toxicat is all over the Net, Mr. Kelsey is much harder to turn up in an official Spek.Ter-related capacity. And I can’t find anything on Keshia Jackson anywhere!

This high-tech frustration speaks only as a further endorsement of Spek.Ter, the movie, and the capabilities of those who created it. More, please.

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